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Environmental messages are hardly unusual in feature animation. Still, Four Souls Of Coyote’s approach is distinctive in its application of indigenous folklore and wisdom to the world we currently inhabit and abuse. And while questions of cultural appropriation may be raised about a Hungarian filmmaker’s decision to tell Native American stories, this is a respectful work – Gauder collaborated with several Native American advisors during the filmmaking process.


"Áron Gauder Brings Native American Myths to Life in a Beautiful Eco Tale" 


"Four Souls of Coyote is billed as an epic adventure tale of the Native American creation myth."


"....Gauder and team have crafted a beautifully designed and imaginative work that, at its core, touches upon environmental, historical, and political issues that affect every one of us. Arguments about cultural appropriation aside (hopefully the screening of the film generates some meaningful dialogue about this issue), you’re better off seeing Four Souls than the latest facile big studio nonsense."

Chris Robinson

artistic director

Ottawa Animation Festival


‘Four Souls of Coyote’ Win Top Prize at Annecy


"The filmmakers proved a good deal of courage when they wanted to create the film to use Native American creation stories. And let’s be clear from the outset: with success. Four Souls of Coyote nails the viewer to their seat with elemental power. Finally a Hungarian film that is authentic from beginning to end."

 Országúóth Gábor

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