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animated feature film  |  100' 

„Nothing is eternal but the Earth and the mountains”


Target: 9-99

Genre: animation, adventure

Shooting format: 2D animation

Audio format: 5.1/stereo

Language: English, Hungarian


Directed by accomplished animation director Áron Gauder (Annecy Cristal Award), Four Souls of Coyote is billed as an epic adventure tale of the Native American creation myth. Through a unique re-telling of the creation of the universe, the film highlights the increasingly pressing need to live in harmony with the environment before it is too late.


Set in the present day, Native American protesters confront the crew of an oil pipeline project, just down the hill from the land of their ancestors. The grandfather evokes the ancient tale of their Creation myth, reminding all of us that the challenges facing humanity are universal, and that we need to find our place in the great circle of creatures.


We are slowly destroying Earth because we humans think we are special. Native populations have always known that we are just a small part of creation. The story is about our shared responsibility for each other and Earth.


Through adventures filled with animals, magic, hunger, greed and the sacred circle of all creations, the story gives us hope that it is not too late to correct course. It is the last minute to save us on Earth.


The rich culture of the Native American people has remained largely unexplored in the world of film and animation, and most films are not based on the authentic cultural heritage of the people. Their culture itself is very close to nature and all living creatures; their morals and wisdom are similar to modern environmental and green movements. Our film wants to bring this rich, magical and powerful knowledge to screens in a new and fresh way.


Old Man Creator

is the one who has the gift of dreaming. He starts to form the material world with a handful of mud. He wants beauty and harmony. His only weakness is that he cannot control his anger and rage, so he unwillingly creates Coyote, the trouble maker.


is the ultimate trickster, the master of trouble-making. He is the one who was not created but appeared in the creator’s dream. He is driven by his desires and begins to create life himself. A conflict with the Old Man Creator is inevitable.


is the first man on earth debuts as a new-born baby, he discovers the world step by step with the first girl. He grows and makes mistakes under the influence of the coyote but in the end, he finds his place in the council of living things.


is the first woman starts as a new born baby, she is always at the boy’s side but is more cautious as she is the clever one of the pair. She is less attracted by blood and flesh and is more inclined to follow the rules of the Creator.

The Duck

is the first living being on the Great Water.


is the buffalo, the largest, most majestic creature on the prairie, the symbol of strength, beauty.

The Lightning

is created by the Old Creator when in a great rage.

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